Hehe....scandelous ;)

So, in my ever continuing attempt to get my *** out of this house as much as possible...I have come up with a plan for this weekend of LOVE.
I'm calling it my "All-About-Me marathon"

Friday: hanging out with friends...a few of whom are in andrews unit that didnt get augmented to this deployment

Saturday:  apparently one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world has a day full of surprises for me...literally. it starts at ten in the morning and goes till 3pm....
After that. I plan on going to the store, getting discounted valentines candy. and calling pizza hut to deliver to my lazy *** a large stuffed crust pepperoni pizza. which I will devour as I watch gory action movies a la bruce campbell most likely.

Sunday: dont know yet. something

Monday: Here is when it gets good. I am having some...uh....semi nude (boudoir) photos taken by this fantastic photographer in my area. I plan on sending them to andrew as a surprise :)
I'm nervous about the photos...but excited. cause he is gonna freak out ...*sigh* only wish I could see his face when he gets it . oh well, i'm sure i'll hear plenty about it when he can call lol.

haha...i'm awesome lol. damn. this quad mocha is going straight to my head....im' hyper. let it be known!!!!

*snort* sorry lol

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

aw sounds awesome! im glad your treating yourself!! :)

Thats great I wrote story yesterday about doing something for yourself. Attention girlfriend and wives of soliders. Alone for Valentines day. Mine is called working all weekend and going to the Spa.x