OMG!!! Nasty Female Marines Story!! Sooo Scandalous!!

ok so brandon calls me and is like babe! so some **** went down yesterday, basically this guy, Bernhoffer, was walking along the barracks and saw inside one of the rooms a female marine was in there PLEASURING HERSELF WITH THE BLINDS OPEN!! Supossedly he brought it to the attention of a lot of other marines and now the girl is getting NJP'd and all the guys from that side of the barracks are having to move over to the area where brandon lives, and the girls are all gonna move over to the area where the girl was. Which, since brandon only has one other roommate now, means hes getting a new roommate, AND GUESS WHO IT IS?!?! BERNHOFFER!! lmaoooo I guess bernhoffer says he saw her in there, looked but then was like 'shes doing her own thing' and went on about his business. idk, but thats crazy, and im glad all the nasty ******* are being segragated from my fine specimine of a man...

Yall know i always have to come on here with all the juicy gossip that goes down over there...

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Check this Ft Meade Md. home of public affairs. Co-ed/ every time I was assigned fire watch I would catch a bag nasty running away with her pants around her anckles on the corner of my moon beam in the commons area of the barrack while an nco would run the other way. Every single time every week. this goes on for about three weeks I log all activities of said female marines and the female co decides to ship me to 29 palms to the grunts while the female staff kept the administration position even though I made a broadcasting billet that same week. Females will cover each others fishy smelling tracks every time not to mention all they do is file paper and do support while the males are the ones putting thir life on the line in combat. The same with contract marriage just more horseshit. I would rather mop floors now than put up with the pc of the whole military now. Oh well Cpl Desolates **** of a wife got her sgli even though he wasnt even gone from the off base housing for 3 hours and she was already ******* 2 black dudes. He forgot his kevlar and he came back just in time for the event the mp's were called he ships out anyways and he doesnt take her name off the insurance and boom IED then she just cries at the funeral and puts on a woe is me skit and smiles with the 300,000 pay out quite lovely women are quite lovley. Users and more users if their not laying on their back their shopping with the paycheck as usual.

hahaha! wow that was a dumbass move on her part! close the blinds! hahaha!

oh hellz yea it better be public hearing!! hell she made the performance public, might as well let her air dry on the line!! LMAOOOO

Oh man, thats too funny...<br />
<br />
I love the crazy stories you post! Thats awesome. I mean, i'm sure it wasnt for her, but thats just common sense to close the blinds... lmao

Lol!! thats funny!

hahahahhaha i can not believe that!! haha that is super funny ahh ha

HAHAHA this is sooo funny!! so im going to be the ignorant one and ask: whats NJP?;-)

omg thats hilarious... but really gross... her life sucks right now lol

LMAO!!!! i do feel a little bad, how embarasing... she should have closed the damn blinds, moron.

LMAO!!! wow thats funny. Yeah my husband said most female Marines are nasty too...