Valentines Day

Ok so I am totally looking foreword to Valentines day, because I didnt think my man was even going to be here. but unfortunatly it is ALSO his 21st birthday... and I am pregnant and can not drink with him. He promised to take me to dinner and then after that i am his DD while he goes around our tiny podunk town and gets drunk. But for some reason i am looking foreword to it. maybe he can relax for a few minutes and not stress about leaving for bootcamp. idk. What are then rest of you doing??

MrsLuther MrsLuther
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Hey leaves in April 5th for basic :( but he is moving me up to my moms before that and then we get to stay at my mother in laws until he leaves. he didnt get drunk enough to sing but he was pretty close after a long island ice tea!!

Well my man cant come home... but he got me a ticket to fly down to NC so i leave tommorow to spend four nights in jacksonville NC.. i cant wait :)