Not So Bad.

You know, i thought today was going to be pretty horrible. But it wasn't so bad. Of course, it could've been much better, but for my boyfriend being overseas, i had a pretty alright day. He did call me this morning, which was amazing because i hadn't heard from him in about a week. So that was enough of a gift for me already. And then, it turns out that before he deployed he got it arranged to have candy delivered to my house today. Chocolate coverd strawberries.<3 Couldn't be a better choice, since we had a good time with those before he left. ;]

So even though i did ABSOLUTELY nothing today, it was a good day. I miss him, but i'm getting through it. :]

Happy Valentines Day to all you girls! I hope you're all having fun with your men, if you have them tonight. Cherish it girls! And for those of us who can't be with our men tonight, look on the bright's a good excuse to just take the night for yourself. Atleast that's how i look at it, because usually when i stay home all parents wonder why i don't go out. They can't say anything tonight! :]

kcop1109 kcop1109
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2009