You Speak Prada??!!

So today was...alright. I was pleasantly surprised :)
My friend took me out for the 1st half of the day. Went and got breakfast, saw Confessions of a Shopaholic (was not impressed. im obsessed with the book series..and the movie was NOTHING like the movie...tres bummed)
Got a SLAMMIN deal on a crazy cute white coat. then came home and started bumming around when TA DA my phone starts ringing and its Andrew calling to wish me a Happy Valentines day!
which made me cry post phone call. It was so good to hear from him. This is the most i've heard from him in one week since he's left. **** this is the most i've heard from him in one time period since he's left lol.
Then i'm sitting here writing this...i'm enjoying in the background the 1954 original version of "War of the Worlds" and eating my delicious stuffed crust pizza which only cost me $14 from pizza hut (coupons...gotta love em') and i'm eating chocolate.
Overall...not a bad day :)
Hope you ladies have faired well also :)

jolenemarie jolenemarie
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2009