The Biggest Surpirse On Valentines Day..

Another day of the year, is what is started off to be. 

My boyfriend continuing strong in Boot Camp (parris island) for another 3.5 weeks melted my heart yesterday and I really have no idea how he did this.  I had a dozen roses delivered to my house yesterday from a local florist with a card from him saying he loves me and happy valentines day and happy anniversary (because our 4 years is next week).  I cant believe he did that and I just melted...  I was out getting sushi for lunch with my friend (whos bf is in iraq at the moment) and I got a text from my step-sister saying " you just got a dozen roses from your lover?!?! "  and dont ask me why but I said "who is my lover?"  I was so confused because I knew my boyfriend has no contact to the outer world hehe..  He must have set it up before he left or something..   i have no idea.  but when I got the text eating lunch I bursted into tears..  I was instantly crying uncontrollable and shaking with joy and loneliness.  He is so good to me and I love him for that sooo much..  More than any words can describe..  I seriously feel in love!!!!! 

I want him to come home to me... :( soon THANK GOD

26 days till graduation..


I hope everyone had a good Valentines day or at least shared with friends/family/loved ones..  Keep your head up girls!! We are going to make it through all of this..  What ever is meant to me, it will be!

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

awww hunny.. im glad he did that for u. its gestures like that which help us overcome the distance between us and our men. you have yourself a keeper like sheangel147 said.. congrats!

awww that was sooo sweet =] You got a keeper

that is amazingly adorable! It's like a fairy-tale story :] I know hhow hard it is not having him here, and I'm really happy for you that you got that from him. <br />
My boyfriend is also in boot camp at Parris Island but he doesn't graduate until around April 24th.