Troops to Roughnecks

i know most of yall arent probably thinking about what your marine is gonna do after the USMC but i am (obviously) lol since hes getting out in august, as most of you ladies know brandons ideal job is a police officer where i live now, but were covering all of our bases (you gotta in this economy) and brandon is gonna sign up for this training (its covered by the USMC Tuition Assistance aka its free) and will result in a guranteed job offer... we live in TEXAS (oil coutnry) so there are a few people i know that work on rigs, its bust *** hard work but you can make $75k/year right away ... i really dont want him to do this for a living, but like i said, its good to get the training to fall back on ... and the classes will get him out of his usually job for a little while ... heres a link:

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Retired from PD, ARNG and with TSA. Here is my advice. If they are going to stay in active mil, time to move out of front line units to include going over to airforce as an option. Go to and view what cop jobs are there nation wide. You can take police exams while in military and some Big PD's will hold the job for you until you get out. TSA is a good job if you retired from somewhere or a MOM back to work after raising a family. It can get boring very quickly. It is a federal SECURITY position. Federal LAW ENFORCEMENT(s) have MUCH better pay pension and benefits. Get that degree with your GI bill in a real college or online. If you have 10 yrs active or more and are getting out, get into a reserve or national guard so you walk away with some sort of 20 yr pension one day. You may not see that light now but will regret not doing it later.

My Dad was on on of those off shore oil rigs as a helicopter mechanic till I was its crazy stuff. but your right, bloody good money.<br />
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Andrew is an Heating, Air conditioning, ventilation, etc technician when he is a normal reservist. its a great job and he makes great money. and awesome hours. <br />
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But he is all enjoying his MOS and rank now (lol) and will prolly either re-up with the Marine Corps, or go Active duty in the Air force (wtf I know lol) just for job security purposes.....<br />
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But you and I have had this discussion before lol :)<br />
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Hope all goes well with the Police officer stuff!! :)

Christopher totally wants to be a fireman... He wont be our for another 2 years but he's already looked into some 3 week training thing in Texas... Then he also wants to go to the UofI and learn some medical stuff to go along with it.

No Kidding. 20 years is a long time not to be able to do what you want when you want. But he signed up and fell in love with it. But, i wasnt expecting DJ. His thought was basically being able to sit on your a** and get paid for it. Dont know how much parting he will want to do at 40! I would hope it would be more like spend some time with his daughter while he can. he has missed everything so far for the most part!

Here is a stupid one......Mine said being a DJ! WTF. You are a gunnery srgt and then leave and be a DJ. I laughed when he told me that one. That was actually the only thing he ever said. But, being in for as long as he has i tell you what sister those bennies are pretty nice.

my boyfriend brandon want to be a state trooper, but in this economy and the major cutback in law enforcement in Mass its going to be unlikely, he wont be out for 3 more years, but hew says he wants to stay in for 6. I've always wondered.<br />
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a TSA sounds like a perfect job though

i honestly have no idea what shane would do if he got out... he wants to stay in for the 20 years... but you know how things change lol idk he was also talking about becoming a cop if he gets out... which im just like w/e please pick a job where you could stay in one piece... but i guess you cant be a marine & then go be a banker or something... idk <br />
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im glad yall have it all figured out tho!