Im a Busy Girl.

oh my goodness. ive missed you girls. i feel like i havent been on here in forever, when in reality its only been a few weeks. ive been super busy lately with the new school semester starting and working a lot.

josh is headed to cali for more training then after that he will finally be getting his pds yay!! then i can plan where im going to school =] and hes gonna be picking up lance next month so yay for that too =]

im thinkin im gonna get to see josh in april possibly. and that would be great cause my prom is the 25th then our one year is the 30th. =]

now that im back in the swing of school and not working as much as i was in the past few weeks, hopefully ill be on here more =]

elkins430 elkins430
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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

thanks hun =]