Been Busy

Hey ladies sry that i havent been on my computer crashed on me so now i have to go to the library to get on line but any ways the update of the wedding....

the whole planning for the wedding is going really good...we have found a place called Cheers and Lakeside Chalet (in Lancaster, Ohio) it is georgous :) the cost was 4500 min. but since i asked about the military discount they lowered it to 3000 min. thats more then 10% :) im so happy. last sunday i bought my dress ill post pics once i get a new computer.  everything is just going the way charles n i want it to go. 

charles came and visit me for valentines day but he is leaving in like a couple of days

ill be comming onto this one instead of my new one cuz everytime i try to long in on my new one it wont let me sign on lol oh well.


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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

whats your other account? im confused! lol but im glad everything is going good with the plans! :)