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My boyfriend is enlisting in the marines. But i dont know what to expect from it. Any advice ladies?? I dont know what to expect of the lifestyle i'll have from dating a marine! So all the advice and stories you can share would be amazing! thank you! :)

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omg i missed it? lol idk what comment... oh well any who! lol thanks amanda. <br />
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i dont want to scare you away which all the girls can do sometimes but we are nothing compared to the people who will hate you just because you are with a marine... its not all bad & the good parts are better than anything you could ever experience like the first kisses thing... :)

well lol actually I clicked on the flashing then my computer froze and it never got reposted, which I'm glad, because then paige texted me and was like "i think she was talking about that other girl.." and I reread it and I get who you were talking to now.<br />
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I just get really defensive when people get sassy with me and I feel like they don't think I know what I'm doing, or that I dont understand what it's like, because I'm livin' it and trust me I understand.<br />
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so my apologies for freaking out unnecessarily. probably pms to be perfectly honest with you.

Great ready for the ride and hold on tight is all i can say. If he is just enlisting, girl you have got a long way to go that is for sure. You will think boot is hard but that is nothing like what is coming. It is rewarding but hard as can be. You are alone alot, waiting for the call ALOT, missing him like crazy because you havent talked to him in weeks, also add havent seen him in what seems like forever to that list. Just read the stories that have been posted and that will give you an idea. And if you want skip mine that is just my marine telling me he hooked back with his is old girlfriend who is also a marine over new years when he knew i wanted him with me type of deal.....He has over 15 years in and is a gunnery sgt. I have heard more stories than you can imagine. OH and hearing him tell you he got shot at is always fun...

HAHAHAHA Honestly I think I've come to love reading the comments HardCorpsLove, Amansky and OoLaLa leave the most on any story- no offense eveyone else but you girls make me laugh!<br />
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As to sparklegirl - I'm new at it too but I have to agree with these vets... Bob and I have been through alot, mostly non-Marine related, but he's breaking me into the Marine-related things lol. but I believe anything in life worth doing is hard but you keep doing it and you learn "tricks of the trade" that makes handling it easier, but it doesn't make what your doing actually easier.... Thats just how I feel tho... take it or leave it

hahaha well i got all pissed too when she said it got easier... lol but i see my ladies have already handled that soo... yeah look around to other stories. a lot of ladies have just gone through bootcamp & so there is a lot of stories about how that is! i didnt go through boot with my hubby but i have gone many months with out him... even now that we are married & i live with him i hardly see him with as much hours as they work & going away for weeks at a time for training... like they said it doesnt get easier with each step in this process there are new challenges that you just learn to suck up & deal with it! good luck message me anytime! :)

Just expect to spend a lot of lonely nights, and remember to keep your girlfriends close, even if they don't really understand, sometimes it's so good just to have an ear to vent at. When there are times he tells you he might be able to come home NEVER get your heart set on it, because like amasky said nothing is ever for sure, and the disappointment of a complete letdown is very heartbreaking. It feels so good to be so proud of something though, and to get to say you have a boyfriend/fiance/husband that's a US Marine is such an honor, it makes your heart swell everytime you get to tell someone. It also feels amazing to get to be the girl that he can come to when you know he's having a hard time, and you know that even though he's such a strong guy, you can be his pillar of strength for a while.<br />
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I also don't think it's fair to say whether or not it gets easier for some people, or much harder for others, because everyone handles the situation different emotionally, so it's more of a personal thing.<br />
I wish you and him the best of luck!

I'm going to give u a little advice.. everyone tells u it's hard.. ok we all know it is.. that' just one thing u will know but.. really.. it gets a little easier.. bootcamp although at first it doesn't seem like it is going by fast once it's over it seems fast.. the first year will b hard.. my husband just got done w/ bootcamp and now is at mct.. in march he will go to his mos school and then to the frist duty station.. alot of moving... and yes ur marine will change but not as bad as you think he will.. write him everyday support him.. and although everything will feel like it's against you and you might have a hard time.. don't tell him that.. cuz you don't want him worrying you want him to stay focused so he doesn't get droped and so he can graduate in 13 weeks.. but trust me.. it's something COMPLETELY different..and it's pretty fun.. although at moments it sucks but other ones it's great.. but hey isn't that life?? trust me it will b a test but in the end when u get to watch him graduate you'll b crying and so proud of him and be so happy you get him back.. well if you need to talk sometime you can comment me or e-mail me..w.e

The other girls are right... It's not easy... Dating my marine has been the most amazing, crazy, hell of a ride I've ever been on. It's an emotional roller coaster that's for sure. I haven't seen my marine since September 6th!!! It takes a strong strong woman to love a marine.. like amasky said, if you're the kind of person that has to have someone with you at all times definitely change that or pack up. As long as you're faithful and you support your boyfriend though it all the wait will be wayyyy worth it once you get to leap into his arms again :) 'the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss.' Not many girls can say they have more than one first kisses... being a marine girlfriend,fiance, or wife means you get multiple first kisses! -- First kiss after boot, first kiss after first deployment etc :)<br />
this is lame but here's a quote that I like that describes our lifestyle's....<br />
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"Distance is not for the fearful, it's for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough."

All i can say really is its not easy, it takes a tough girl to date/marry a can deff make are break a relationship. Stay positive while hes gone and SUPPORT him. the other girls on here will probably give you better advice than me right now lol but if you ever need someone to talk to im always here