The Power of Seperation

So Ive decided I dont hate everything about this deployment. Before you call me crazy.. Hear me out.

Theres alot of things I do hate. Like not seeing him, worrying about him, never knowing when the next phone call will be, getting that phone call at 4 in the morning. All thoughs things suck ***, But I think Travis and I have really grown as a couple during this deployment.

During a deployment you have a level of communtication that not many couples have. Sure most of the time the connection sucks, but who else can say that they had a heart to heart conversation for 7 months?? So even though I would do anything to have him hereI love what he have built while he is there.

So for the girls who are just starting or getting ready to start a deployment, think about it in a positive light. :) ( well.. as positive as it can be.)

TasiaMarie TasiaMarie
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

ahh i agree, this deployment does suck but has made us closer at the same time.... It really has made me and chris' relationship stronger. which might seem odd because we're sooo far away. The power of distance is amazing lol.<br />
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I've got a month and a half left until i see his beautiful face again :) your 3 months will fly by!!! yayyy! we get to see our loves soon!!!!!

hahaha. Listen girl.. <br />
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Im trying to find ANYTHING thats positive about a deployment right now. lol. So dont bring down my happy moment. ;)<br />
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Nat, Hes got 3 months left.