Sexy Kinda ;)

So yesterday I drove my butt over to Seattle to have some, uh, scandelous photos taken to send to andrew.
and let me just say....
IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

All you ladies should do it. Oh wow. so much fun.
I was really nervous at first. I mean, i've done a little modeling in the past...but never with this little clothing on lol. but my photographer was AMAZING. so sweet and easygoing.

It was just a blast. I'll be sure to update you ladies on a few things with this because I signed a model release for my photos...and there were a few she said she wanted to put on her website.

i'm stoked to see them :)

jolenemarie jolenemarie
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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

gotta love that auto button. i do the same thing lol... and i must say, the one set i did is pretty awesome lol. i think i might just have to find someone to take the pics for me though, it def sounds easier

lol!!! Hey it works!!...and its definetly prolly a hell of a lot cheaper

I freaking researched my butt off lol. I didnt want a skanky creep-O taking photos of me lol. <br />
<br />
I googled "boudior photography seattle"<br />
its prolly the best way to do it....just insert your city name ...then that way you can go to their website. look at their portfolios. get references. etc.<br />
and, of course, check prices :)