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thats what im gonna start calling this place ... have yall seen that SNL skit?

its hilarious, anyway, what is it with marines and older women, some of Brandons Sgts are married to women that are 5 years older, and theyre like "theres just something about an older woman" bradons family couldnt believe he found someone to tame him, idk what that means but I can say it wasnt hard at all lmbooo ... so many of us seem to be older than our marines.. my mama always told me 'get em young and raise em how you want em' lmaoo but i really never thought id end up with a younger guy, having said that hes given me so much more than an other man has ever even come close to giving me, he loves me so much better than any guy my age or older .... what do yall think it is?

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

urgh shane is 5 months older than me but compared to all my exes that were atleast 2 years older than me & the one the was 8 years older than me... i feel as if i am dating a younger guy because i swore i would never dat someone my age or younger & then i married shane soo never say never i guess<br />
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& plus im like 5 years older than him mentally anyways lol

I'm five and a half years older than Patrick, but luckily I still look younger! Nothing like Corps to unnaturally age a guy! He was so proud to marry an older woman, he stills brags about it!

OMG this is hiluuuuuurious!! Yall know I snatched Robb up when he was a mere child of 19. but I wasn't breaking the law, so oh well! LOL<br />
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And how about he is only 10 years older than my oldest kid! D-OH! lol

I think I've only ever dated one guy who was actually older than me. they've ranged from 1 yr 3 mo younger to 2.5 mo younger.... Bob's about nine months younger than me... I don't know why it is and I've never made a conscious decision to date one way or the other but I'll never complain about it.... plus every once in a while when Bob and I "argue" over something stupid I pull out the, "because I'm older and I said so" card..... then laugh my *** off..... -He thinks that card's totally unfair by the way LOL