Prom 09

 OK girls..  I have a problem


So i just bought my prom dress because its two months away and I wanna make sure nobody has my dress, which was stupid because its a one of a kind. But thats not the point, Brandon wants to wear a tux but the ladies at the boutique thinks he should wear his dress blues. my dress is grape and i dont think it will match. My fear is that his tux wont fit because i have to do it for him here, and he wont be home until 4 days before.. HELP!

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your lucky he's gonna be home! have fun girl! and just have him go on base and get measured then take the measurements to the place where you are purchasing his tux i used to work @ davids bridal and we helped alot of people with this

wow!! i didn't know he could get court martialled for that! that's crazy.... wowowowoww, i'll be 18 by like two months in november!! <br />
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is this your senior or junior prom???! Definitely ask him what he'd prefer to wear... however, it is YOUR prom ;)

yeah thats exactly it. i dont want to ruin his career because of me.

yeah your fight.. i mean i pay so close attention to detail. so the colors will bug me. but i rather him be comfortable! maybe ill let him decide. your so luck paige that you get to go to the ball, he asked me but i didn't wanna risk him getting court marshaled for it. even thought novemember is far away. i hope you have funnn :)

you are sooo lucky he gets to go to prom with you. Christopher will miss mine by literally THREE whole days.. UGHHH. <br />
oh well :) I'm definitely wearing my dress to the Marine Corps Ball in November :D :D :D I'm getting a silver one or a red one just so it'll match him.<br />
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If i were you I'd totally have him wear his blues even though your dress is purple. Blues look awesome next to anything :D

you could pull it all together with some black or red jewelery =] but yea like amanda said, if its gonna bug you def have him wear a tux. im goin to get my prom dress soon, im plannin on gettin a red one, but who knows lol