My Attempt At a Bit of Writing...

So I was about to go to bed on Valentines Day and this just popped into my head so I wrote it down so I didn't forget it. These are a lot of the things I do to keep myself busy so I don't focus on James being on the other side of the country from me and some things I like to do when I'm missing him. I guess you could call it a poem though it doesn't have a rhyme scheme or meter but I liked it and thought I'd share it on here! I sent James a copy of it today.


No matter how many laughs, how many NCIS episodes I watch, how many pictures I take, books I read, or songs I sing...

I'm still sleeping alone tonight.

No matter how tight I hold your sweater, how long I sleep with the phone next to me, how many times I stop to look at your picture...

You're still not going to call tonight.

No matter how many daydreams I have, how many times I look at my bedroom door, how many times I put that song on repeat, how many times I reread your text messages...

We're still thousands of miles apart tonight.

But no matter how many times I close my eyes without you, how many times I don't hear your sweet voice, how much distance is put between us...

I'm still waiting for you and loving you with all my heart.

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5 Responses Feb 17, 2009

thanks girls!

It makes me a little sad how much I can relate, damn deployments!

wow!!!<br />
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this is really good, and im def not just saying that. i could feel what you were saying.<br />
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keep up the writing if everything else is anything like this =]

thanks!<br />
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yeah it really helps me too. i've always written in a journal but lately i've been writing stuff like this. i've got a great inspiration to pull from! haha!

That's really nice, I like it! Thinking maybe I should put a few of my writings on here.... they make me feel better when I write things down...<br />
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But I really like this one.....