Those Damn Goodbyes!

ugh there the worst! I just had one yesterday I dont cry everytime yesterday i didnt there a royal pain though i cant imange the goodbye before the deployment shhhhhhhhit!! 

girlfriendofamarine girlfriendofamarine
4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Hoorah - it's your job to take care of his emotion and love while he is gone. WRITE - I wish I could put that in three foot letters. Do not worry if he doesn't return you letters all the time (he might be really busy!) Take care of your Marine - that's an order from an old soldier.

i went through the deployment see you later back in september.... :( UGHHH boy, it's the worst. It was in the middle of the airport terminals.. i was crying my little eyes out... his flight got delayed so i got to sit with him for an extra hour... then finally his flight got called and then the tears just poured out non stop for both of us. . . Saying see you later wasn't as bad as actually forcing myself to walk away. AKLDFJAKLFJDAKL I got like fifty feet, then turned around and looked at him one last time....the look on his face was heart wrenching..oh my gosh. thank God i get to see him in a month :) :) :)

i also havent gone through the deployment part of things either. ill know pretty soon what unit josh will be in so then ill know more about when he could possibly be deploying. but i know what you mean with the see ya laters. they suck, but hey, were all some strong *******. just think of all the girls you know that wouldnt last a week in any of our shoes. God gave us all this special position in life cause he knows we can all do it. keep your head up girly, im here if you need to talk =]

I know what you mean... I haven't done a deployment but everytime I say see-ya later to him when he goes back to base or I leave there to come home I wonder how the hell I'm going to be able to maintain my composure when he actually deploys.... I know I have to be strong and upright and whatnot but hell man.. my emotions are on my sleeve most times, and he knows it... I just keep telling myself when the time comes I'll be strong.... at least til he leaves then i'm allowed a little sad time... but I've started to think of how to keep myself busy then cause he got a possible date and even tho its a bit away i need prep time! lol