So, Umm... Yeah

So sorry but I wanted to share this with someone... i'm ecstatic... and somebody needs to know!!!  Bob's up this week and we've been having some real conversations about all kinds of stuff.... We drove down to  LeJeune sunday so he could get his leave papers and came back yesterday... so over the weekend and the 16hr drive, alot of talking has happened about everything from the marines, to our college days, to his BM and Layla, families.... god probably just about everything uneder the sun but this one convo got me stupid.... like girly silly like and whatnot so i'm sharing it cause i'm happy and it makes me smile and i'm repeating myself so here goes....we were doing "whatnot"- we were in my car cause it was saturday night and no good places to go, whatever, so anyways I made a comment about how if we were old i'd probably be breaking his hip right now....  and his reply was that if he had anything to do with it... which he will and i wont have a choice about it... we will be old and grey together and probably breaking each others hips routinely....  i laughed and said that probably sounds more fun now than it will feel then.  and we stopped talking for a few mins, for... uh reasons... then out of no where he was like, so you never answered my question and i was like what question, think i missed something and he said the one about getting old and grey together and i was like I thought i did answer that- i said i wouldn't have a problem with that!.... and ya know what that deutsch said??  good cause eventually i'm gonna ask your dad that too!!!!!!  in my head i was like what?!wee!!huh?!who-hoo??!yourfuckinnutzdude!etc... but outloud i told him before he does that he might want to reword it and leave out the plans to break each others hips, lol..... i'm such a dork!!!!!  but i figured it was just sex talk so i told him that it was sex talk and i wouldn't hold him to it and of course he said he was serious so i told him ok but he's got leniency (dude i cant spell today) time to take it back.... don't you know the next day i pulled me aside and whispered in my ear that he's not planning on taking it back..... ******* deutsch!  hehehehe but yeah thats my story of ridiculousness..... and its making me smile like i got vaseline coating my teeth.......  oy, men!

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aww! that's so great for you guys! i love the whole line about the breaking hips! haha! i love those vaseline smiles! they're the best!

hahaha thats too cute!!!

I think it was sweet as all hell.... that's the kinda **** that gets me, all the time.... But I don't take it as an actual proposal or anything, just him letting me know what's up for the future.... hehehehe but it makes me stupid - or as i've told him on occassion after our "whatever" times - "i feel like my brain is retarded, its like all melting and i think its oozing out my ears...." hehehe i'm reatrded, i know! probably why he calls me freak!

awwwww hun!! i just got that vaseline smile too!! im soooo happy for you.<br />
<br />
the breaking each others hips part was all too funny lol