At Home Sick...

so, i have been sick for a week now... i have sinusitus && bronchitus! plus both my ears are very red inside && my right has a pus pocket... ughhh this sucks! they have me on 3 meds including vicoden. but what i really want is my marine to be home to take care of me... i miss him being able to help me when im sick, especially with tori, my daughter. but i thought i would give ya'll an update on me && why i havent been on in a while... leave love!

marinegirllibby marinegirllibby
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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

aww thanks you guys!! ya'll are so sweet, && yes, my punkin pie is takin great care of me. we are fixing to go take a nap now!!

Is your little girl taking good care of you? :)

i really hope you feel better really soon =]