My Valentines Day Suprise!

Ok guys, i know i havent been on here much lately, ive been so busy! but i figured i would share what my fiance did for me over valentines day :]

So for the first couple of weeks before valentines day he was making all these hints and i was thinking maybe hes coming home, like he told me he had a package that was coming right to my dorm at school, he told me he promised he was going to see me sooner then i thought and all of that stuff. Then he told me he couldnt leave base because something happened so all of my hopes were Crushed, i knew he wasnt coming... So friday night he told he had was going ot be early, i tried calling him a couple of times but his phone was off- i thought nothing of it really. Then saturday he called and told me he was tracking the package and it should be there very soon... so 15 mins pass and he calls and goes it should be outside. So i go downstairs and theres no one there, im looking around and i was still on the phone with him and i was like hm where? then out of no where he popped up from behind the doorr! omgggg i was so happyyyy! honestly i dont know how he pulled it off, but it was the best suprise ever. all of my friends and family had known- so eeveryone but me. The things he went through to see me for 2 days was amazing, hes the best guy ever :] anyways, it was harder this time saying goodbye to him, and i really dont know when ill see him again but im so lucky i got to see him for those 2 days.



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7 Responses Feb 17, 2009

hahaha i told you not to give up hope =) i knew he was coming there was no way he wasnt with all those hints hehehe never can lose hope when your apart of the marines.

OMGOSH! Ur so lucky, thats like TOPS for VDay surprises.

:] thanks girls! i was pretty lucky this timee lol

that is adorable!

haha aw that is so perfect!

awww thats sooo cute!! i like those kind of surprises...i prefer those over actual material corny that way;-)

omg thats the cutest thing ever! im glad he surprised you!