Back From California

i got back last night.

i had a blast down there seeing phil and getting to sleep next to him went bye sooo fast!!!

i got in valentines day at 9 in the morning. we drove around long beach for a while then made our way up to LA and then Hollywood. walked around hollywood for a while then went to camp peldelton and he showed his mom and i around. he had reservations already made at this little italian resturant in little italy... it was soo sweet! and then we went to oceanside and walked on the beach and the pire.

sunday we went to seaworld and then went to dinner with his sgnt. hes is soo funny... really laid back! and he has 2 one year old twin boys. that night we went swimming and hot tubbing (it was really cold there but thank god the pool was heated!) and we started talking about carly and the baby (i kinda envy her when it come to her having his baby because i miscarried a few years back.) he told me that i need to start looking at the big picture not just months from now but years form now because his future is with me and not her... and that he knows that we will get married and have a family of our own.  

i was going to leave monday morning at 9 so i got all packed up and ready to go the night before... and morning came way to soon!!! so his mom and i get all of our stuff and put it in his little car (04 celica) and then piled in and were on our way to the airport to drop me off when is mom said hey we should get you to fly out on my flight (5:55 that night) so we go to the airport and talk to the guy and he says there is only one seat left... LUCKY ME!! so i got to spend the whole day with him!! then i had to leave!! me and his mom didnt cry till we hit security and the guy asked his mom how she was doing and she lost it and i looked back and her and then i started cring! but its wasnt for long!


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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

It sounds like an amazing trip. Nothing is better than finally being in ur man's arms again after a long sleep beside him see his bright smile and feel his overwhelming love. I know exactly what you mean girl. It's so hard to say goodbye (or rather an I'll see you later). Best wishes to you and your man! I'm always here to chat if you'd like :)