I Love My Life.

 Hey hottie babes. I had the best weekend of my entire life. We fell in love all over again. The best feeling in the world is when you see your guy again and it feels like you have never been apart. We literally laughed and joked and played around in our hotel room all weekend. It was so awesome. I got to meet a bunch of his friends (they were in the same hotel as us) which was good because now I know who he will be deployed with and who he is always hanging out with etc. I liked all of them a lot but being the only girl around a bunch of crazy drunk Marines is not an easy thing to do haha!! It was so much fun though, I did not want to leave at all and I cannot wait to see Nick again. We find out this week where Nick will be getting permanently moved to and stationed so we are hardcore praying! I hope all of you lovely ladies had a wonderful weekend (with or without your other halves)! Love you all. 

PS....As if him spoiling me all weekend wasn't enough, he gave me the most beautiful ring ever. It is two -toned gold and silver and engraved with the beginning of my favorite Bible verse/saying, "Love is Patient." I am sure all you girls can agree...love is one patient mother. hahaaaa

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

he is Pensacola right now and will leave there at the end of this month. What about Matt?