My Love Story

Brandon and I have hung around with the same group of people for years however never actually hung out together. Well two days after he returned from bootcamp in San Diego we ran into each other at a mutal friends house. As I was very interested in hearing how bootcamp was and what it involved, we noticed very quickly that we had alot in common, an unusual amount in common. Later this same night I ended up going with him to get his USMC discipline through pain tattoo, and after that night for the two weeks he was home we became inseperable. His two week leave quickly passed as he was to leave for more training in California, the day he left I was heart broken not to mention that we had no offical title and I was confused as to what we were or if we would ever end up together as he was in training and I only got to speak with him on Sundays. After a month he returned home for 2 weeks once again, and we picked up right were we had left, this time we were offically together. We have been together ever since and are awaiting his FINAL station change here pretty soon so we can live in the same state once again! We plan on getting sometime down the road when the time is right, probably after his first tour of Duty. I never thought I could love a man as much as him, and I love how he has so much pride in his job, and that our relationship is very unique and I know we will be together forever! Semper Fi Do or Die :)

Lillie1103 Lillie1103
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2009