It never fails, I have an awesome day and something has to ruin it.

People really don't understand how good they have it. Well other girls with boyfriends. My friend still complains to me, "i miss danny, i never get to see him...hes always working" Does she forget who she is talking to?! I mean seriously! that just pissed me off to no end...

And i just started talking to her again bc of that reason and here we go again.



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Gahh my best friend is dating a college boy (We're still seniors in high school) but the college is only 45 minutes away and she never fails to complain about how bad the drive sucks and how she never gets alone time with him.<br />
I just plaster on that sad face and say "Ya, that MUST suck"<br />
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I find it funny though cause she complains to the only two Marine girlfriends in the whole school.<br />
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But then I remember all the goodness my relationship has and how fine my Marine looks in uniform, ahah.

haha! dr. kali is quite right! weak civilian girl! i totally understand the whole annoyance thing too. this girl in my psychology group were complaining about how she doesn't want her boyfriend to move to another college without her cause she can't handle separation for that long even though she'd see him on the weekends...i just rolled my eyes and said try several months and then come talk to me about it! haha!

I totally understand! I have a few friends who are the exact same way (and pulled a s***ty on valentines day none the less...anyway)<br />
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Just like the other girls said: she is but a mere civilian ;)

yessss... shes engaged now. and we were getting along there for awhile bc she stoped talking about her boy but its right back to where we were b4. All she does is talk about planning her wedding which to mention isnt going to be for another 3 years. oh well.<br />
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awww nat you made me happy, you remembered!!! =]

why thank you dr's!! lol just a civilian... makes me smile =]