I Honor....

So i meet my boyfirend abour the beging of december in 08 we started dating shortly after...well he just shipped off to boot camp about 3 weeks ago (January 26th) and i know we havent dated for too long but i honestly love this man with all my heart and before he left i thought those that go thru this make it seem like such a big deal but now that i have to go thru this too i honor those who i now join...i understand that boot camp is the hardest to go thru and i can see that so far...if i ever have any questions or am having troubles i hope that anyone here can help me out becuase it has only been three weeks since he left and i have already had emotional meltdowns that i cant talk to him about cuz my letters need to be positive so i hope someone can help me thru this.



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lol fiesty kali! <br />
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but yeah i agree with her boot is def. the easy part! but its the easy way to figure out if you can handle this life style! good luck :) message me anytime!

heyy girly.. i am going through boot camp right now as well.. let me know if you need anything or just someone to talk to.. I have 3 weeks left until graduation, it def. does get easier but trust me i am still an emotional wreck and I cant wait for him to be in my arms..

you found the right place girlie =] im always here if u need me