Awwwwwwww This Is My New ****!!

i dont have cable yall so im probably super late but idc this is my new hot **** ... because it reminds me of brandon so much, no matter how mad i am at him he will NOT let us go to bed mad ... we have really gone at it but even in a year of us having all this distance, as easy as it would be for us to just say **** it some nights and go to sleep, he will not let it happen he will blow me up until i talk to him and we work it out ...

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5 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I have got to say i love that song. . . and as for yur marine he sound like a pretty awsome dude :]<br />
for someone to acvtually blow someone phone up just to solve a problem sounds like love to me ^.^

awww gf i knoe that song is so good=]] i love it i listen to it in my car ALL the time=] it has a good meaning=]]

aw i saw this before! i love it... im the same way tho i wont let shane sleep until we make up!

i love this song! but ive never seen the video...thanks =]

omg this is so fricken sweet!! thats sweet that brandon will keep buggin you til things are better...might **** you off sometimes but in the end he is lookin for the best...i fricken love this song now!! thanks for sharing!!