How Should I Deal With Deployment...

Ive been dating my bf/marine for almost 7 years now hes been in for 5 years and hasnt been deployed. March will be his first deployment...hes been gone since november and he came home every weekend which was nice and something to look forward to but for the last month they havent let him have time off cause they are doing iraq training and he wont be home till march for 5 days then he leaves til november.  Ive just felt really sad and empty and he hasnt even left yet...i dont know if i can do this whole deployment thing i know its selfish but i just feel soo out of it and its making me feel bitter towards him.  =(   Any tips from any of you?

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My boyfriend just deployed this past Friday!! Its been hard im use to being able to talk to him or txt him throughout the day now i have to wait and have my cell with me at all times just incase he calls. It's not a fun experience but its part of their life and so are we so we just have to stay strong not only for ourselves but for them!! I agree with the 1st comment take up a hobby!! Im a painter so painting helps me out a lot!! Just surrounding yourself with positive people and doing random things help!! Hope that helps you =)

sorry to hear that but your lucky 5 years and no deployment..that like never happens. but i do wish you luck just be strong. and dont ever say you cant do it bc you have no choice. if you love him you will get through it thats all there is to it. its easier said than done but its what we HAVE to do

your def. not alone.. I recommend getting a hobby.. it helps.. i choose writing i can put all of my emotions weither good or bad into something for others