My boyfriend has been in the Marines since '05, but we didn't start dating till summer '07 and its been a very different and difficult relationship :[ Can u believe we met on Myspace of all places?! It just started out talking a bit and being friends. Then we just kept talking for 6 months and when he came home on leave...we got together and have been together since. It gets so frustrating when its a relationship u want and its the right person, but half the time it doesn't even seem like I have a bf!

TXshuga05 TXshuga05
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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

yeah that feeling does suck. i totally get it too. it sucks when i see couples out together and i have to be separated from mine but you just have to remind yourself that what you have is special. my boyfriend and i knew each other in high school but found each other again on myspace! yay technology! haha!