I Hate Deployments

My marine and I haven't been together that long and by the time he comes home we will have been apart longer than we have been together and sometimes that is really hard for me. But I love him and I know that I don't want to be with anyone else and I just want him to be home already.We lived together the month before he left and I really got used to having him around and even though he has been gone a month already I still haven't gotten used to it. But the month has gone by fast and it wont be too long until he is home again....

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Thanks you guys!

i feel your pain... my boyfriend has been overseas since september and is FINALLY coming home in April... Out of the whole 9 months we've been together as a couple we have only seen each other for two whole weeks... it's really hard sometimes, but i've learned to deal. <br />
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you're right.. although it may seem like it takes forever for him to come home it really does fly by :)

hang in there girl! you'll make it! my marine and i have been apart a lot more than together too. i was watching NCIS and something one character said was that theres a civilian time of the relationship (how long you've technically been a couple) and marine time (how long you've actually been together physically). i thought it described it really well so i started using that whenever people ask me.<br />
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i know the feeling of getting used to having him there. whenever my bofriend comes home on leave i get so used to being with him and his absence is so much more pointed out when he leaves. it definately sucks.