I'm a New Marine Wife

My name is Ashley Bozeman. I met my husband Andrew my senior year of highschool right after he got back from basic training.  We dated the rest of my senior year and then got married that December.... December 27,2005.  Just 3 days after our wedding, he went back to his station of Yuma, Arizona and got deployed to Iraq.  7 1/2 months later he came home safe and sound. I then moved to Yuma to be with him. I then left in January as my mom became in so I went back to my home town of Lakeland, Florida.  Well it is now August and I am still in Florida and just recently got the news my husband is being deployed again, but in November. Just 2 days before my birthday, so I am kind of upset about it, but there of course nothing I can do.... he will be gone 8 months unless he gets extended.  So that is about me....
MrsADBozeman MrsADBozeman
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1 Response Aug 10, 2007

Hang in there. Everything will work out and all this will be worth it. So many ladies have been in your position. I know how you feel! Semper Fi.