Ok...My Story.

My name is Megan Im 18 A little over a year ago I had the unfortunate incident of being raped by a Marine (hence my PTSD) and up until I met my BF i hated Marines. I met my BF at a club near my house by being as clumsy as I always am I fell and knocked him over we talked a little and exchanged numbers. Later we went out and I ended up finding out on that date that he was a Marine...I decided based on what one guy did to me I cant base my judgement on all Marines that way. I started spending more time with him and even some of his friends and grew to love him. He is a great guy...I Love him. His name is Will he is a 20yr old Lcpl (0121) admin at SOI. Nondeployable so I have him to myself as often as I want. He is extremely patient and disciplined but gets really goofy around me. Hes a good Man and Marine Im glad Im his girl.

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Talking with strangers is how I get through the day sometimes.You just cant say some things to those who know you and love you.Family never lets it die.They are too judgmental.Im happy you found a good guy and good luck.Remember,though,dont hold this in or think you can just forget it! Talk to SOMEONE! Otherwise.it will eat you alive!

Welcome, Megan!<br />
<br />
I feel for you, because I was raped when I was fifteen.<br />
<br />
I told no-one for ages, but I wish I had.<br />
<br />
By telling your story here, you showed great courage.<br />
<br />
Perhaps if more women felt able to speak out, rape wouldn't carry the stigma that still seems to be attached to it.<br />
<br />
Take no notice of anyone who says that they think you're playing the sympathy card by telling your story.<br />
<br />
As someone said in this thread, it's often easier to tell something like this to strangers.<br />
<br />
EP is a place where you CAN do that.<br />
<br />
I've talked about things here that I've NEVER told those closest to me.<br />
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And, for what it's worth, I think that therapy - particularly the group type, is greatly overrated.<br />
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I'm Meggi51 and you can message me ANYTIME, Megan.<br />
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Take Care.

I pretty much sat there the whole time my parents wanted me out of the house I only got up to get a drink and thats when i knocked into him. The "club" we went to is a local hangout for alot of 18yr old HS students of which most of us graduated together. And my gfs parents rule was she couldnt go alone so I tagged along. They call it a club but it most definitly isnt like any clubs my other friends have been to.

It happened Aug 07 and the club I met my bf at I was just accompaning my gf there I later found out he was a Marine. My therapist told me that I should talk about it and I understand how some ppl think I maybe lying but I know what happened and I know myself the best so...Idk you have any questions ask me I guess because speculations are just that.

I am getting counsiling and that does help...as for the sleepless nights and other issues Im looking to fix those too. Itd be nice to have female friends who live near me but this works well in place of that.

well..<br />
i think if she would have just been like .."i used to hate the Marines" over half of us would be "OMG why??"<br />
<br />
i used to hear they were ********* too until i fell in love with one. They are the strongest group of people i know and i believe getting over what happened and falling in love with one anyways after all that happened to her makes her just as strong. <br />
<br />
i hold grudges though.

but anyways! lol welcome to the site feel free to message me about anything! good luck with everything! :)

idk i agree people deal with things differently... i was abused by my ex... for a long time i didnt tell anyone... i didnt think i was really abused i would rather think it was all an accident or one time thing then think i had let myself be abused. i blamed myself & held it all in finally my mom sent me to a counselor i got to talk it & i got to talk it out & realize that i had be abused it was ok to talk about it<br />
<br />
bottom line now i tell people & i dont get upset i just say hey my ex use to hit me.. some people may think i say it like its no big deal but its not that its not its more that i dont let it affect me anymore<br />
<br />
the first step to dealing with things is saying it for what it is instead of not talking about it or refering to it at all

hey!! :) I'm Paige.<br />
you're soo lucky your love is nondeployable.. deployment sucks!! ahh! my love is overseas right now!!

hi megan welcome to the group!!! Im hollie=] and my marine is stationed at camp pendleton too!! message me if you wanna talk or have any questions!!<br />

Hey ppl, sometimes its easier to talk about something with strangers than it would be with friends or family! She's getting it off her chest. Im so sorry that happened to you, hopefully you've gotten some closure and help.

Like amasky said she was explaining in her previous post why she has PTSD, and ya'll shouldn't just assume that the girl is lying about it......<br />
But Megan it's good that you don't see all Marines the same way.

I dunno, I kinda agree with nat on this one....I mean, (ok, this is totally going to contradict everything..but whatever...it needs to be said so the point can be made)<br />
anyway, as I was saying.<br />
I agree with Nat on this. I have never since my, uh, "similiar incident" (the R word) started out by telling complete strangers about it. <br />
S**t I havent even said anything to you girls about it..tell now. anyway<br />
<br />
<br />
If you feel the need to get that incident off your mind..you need to go to a group therapy session. I did. It helps. <br />
<br />
And, yeah, sorry. its just weird that you said that right off the bat. I mean, i'm sorry that happened and all....but...yeah.<br />
<br />
Ok. i'm done now that i'm coming across as a total b***h

My BF is admin (0121) at Camp Pendleton School of Infantry so he wont be sent overseas because he said thats how they designated him...Idk he explained it and it made sense but now I cant rearticulate it lol

im sorry that happened to you. but its a coward who did that to you.. its good that you dont judge all marines to be like that.. im glad that you found yourself a respectable man. what do you mean he is undeployable....<br />
i dont get it... but im jealous.. lol