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 Hey guys, I am new to the group and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Rabon and I am hopelessly in love with LCpl. Hogan (soon to be Cpl. YAY!). We have known each other for 3 years and our story is complicated, but has made even non-believers accept the idea of fate. We have only been together a few months, but we knew it was so right from almost day one. I can't wait to commit to him for the rest of my life, even though we are both going to be smart and wait til I am out of law school and we have lived together for a while before taking the step into marriage. Things change. We have our own website at so you are more than welcome to check out pictures and our story and PLEASE sign the guestbook and leave feedback. If you have any questions about me, him or us together, let me know! Oorah!


Semper Fi to LCpl Hogan


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Thanks for the comments guys! I had never really heard the term "tag chaser" before but it's very telling. I know way too many girls that think that a man in uniform is the hottest thing ever (not denying that :D ) and they would settle for a guy they arent particularly happy with just for the title. Drives me nuts. It takes a certain kind of woman to love a marine and be able to support him. Its a tough life. Thats why we all have to be there to help each other. Jasmine-- I hope you arent joining the Corps for the wrong reasons. I am related to several marines and of course dating one so I know how badly that life can screw you up. But, if its something you are sure about then I wish you the best.

Hey my name is jasmine but people call me green eyes I'm 15 years old and I just loved your story. I'm hoping to fine myself a marines as well lol but yea I plan to join the corps as soon as I get out of high school I read the whole "you know if your in love with a marine" and it made me smile cuz my bestfriend is going to be a marine too and we leavin to bootcamp around the same time so hopefully he will come to his scences right lol well hit me up wit an email :)

welcome to this site girlfriend!<br />
im hollie and if ya ever need to talk just message me=]<br />