Im An Army Wife

hi their, im new to your group, although im not in the states i am an army wife just in the uk,this is the 2nd time round for us in the army ,my husband was in the infantry the first time he came out after 9years we had afew years of civvy life then he signed back up,this was 4years ago now,we are a uk based unit only,we now live in army quarters again its not to bad as we will be here for along time , although i have found that some of the wives still seem to wear the husbands rank ! my husband is a private at the moment and ive found that the wives of the lads with a rank of cpl or above wont associate with you because their husband has a higher rank !! is it the same sort of thing in the states? or do you all get on with each other?we have 2 children , the youngest is at primary school which we live next too, the oldest is at secondary school which is about 10mins bus ride away, their are not many actgivities on here for the children to do during the school holidays which can be hard for them anyway i cant think of anything else to write just now so i hope to here back from some of you best wishes from babyblueeyes34

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