He Finally Got His License...and a Whole Lot of Rambling.

Im so excited my BF finally got his California State License which means I can see him twice as often now not only can I drive down there but hopefully he can not get lost and drive up here to see me. And once I get work itll be easier on me but I know for sure my BF wouldnt visit me at work if he did I assume he would be dressed in full combat gear accompanied by an M16...because Im a Phlebotomist (I draw blood) and last time I pulled out a tourniquet he screamed so loud his head mate came running in to see who was yelling. I snapped him with the tourniquet and then he chased me around the barracks. We both got our running in that night and had fun. Then he fell asleep with the stuffed sheep I gave him as a joking present. Marines are so peaceful when they are asleep. Well Im just rambling....haha

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Oh yeah He and I both want to kill his roommate.

Haha no he would say "Lets stay home and cuddle" Id say "Noooooooo we cuddled every night for the past week I want to go out" But I would tell him I want to be able to take care of myself.

And he spoils me enough as it is. But I need my girl time away from him sometimes. I told him It doesnt mean he cant sometimes spend his weekends at my place but Im a very social person and dont like to stay home like he does.

I dont know what else I want to add to mine. My BF is pushing me to get a job but until I recieve my certificate in the mail with my ID I cant...and hes talking about moving in together once I have a job he lives in the barracks and Im willing to move closer to base so I can see him but Im not sure Im quite ready to have him move in yet I mean I havent even lived on my own before, I still live with my parents...he seemed a lil sad that I said no and the fact that if we did move in together my parents are the type to disown me. Am I out of line for wanting to live on my own or have a female roommate? Just a question.

It wasnt required but I am CPR AED certified and It took me a month to become a Certified Phlebotomist...extra certifications look better to employers...if you do decide to do it get used to everyone calling you a Vampire haha

I dont know if Im going for RN just Phlebotomy for now then Paramedic, Phlebotomist do make decent money Iv heard between $13-$18/hr starting depending on where you work. Guess they slept thru map reading in boot camp idk. I told my BF i posted a story and he said "Its not that damn tourniquet story is it because I hate needles" Its like get sliced by a KABAR and "Rub some dirt in it!" but show them the needles and theyre like "HELL NO stay away from me!" Literally running away.

ha cute story! i love how are men can be big babies about the smallest things but not afraid to run into battle lol