Valentines Day Usmc Style


Just wondering what did  everyone else do with their man on Valentines Day?

We both exchanged gifts then my BF said something that pissed me off so we went for a walk then he continued to be a dork in his rudeness and I went running down the main road 1/2 a mile (I have one dedicated Marine because he ran after me bare foot) we ended up standing on the side of the road yelling at each other like a couple of Kill Hats and damn hormones caused me to burst into tears. MPs saw me crying detained us they thought my BF hit me (he didnt of course) and had me checked by Medical personnel. Then they dropped us back off at the barracks where we enjoyed the rest of our day together. My BF is still saying its the best Valentines Day EVER!! Lol I was thinking what a disaster!

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Ill remember that...yikes!

well Ill remember to leave translation to you ladies then lol

You need to take into consideration where you are though. Most of us have been around the military for quite a long time (a few of us a majority of our lives).<br />
No need to translate jargon. If you were a doctor you wouldnt translate jargon for another doctor would you???<br />
It just sounds really condescending when you do that.

I didnt mean to make it sound like you all are dumb its just I got so used to translating Marine speak at home because my parents hate it when I use it. Im sorry I didnt mean to offend anyone. And that Folgers line is funny but I dont drink coffee. lol

*snort* I completely agree with Kali and Nat....<BR><BR>ROTFLOL!!"Get with the morning news and drink your folgers"<BR><BR>Oh my effing A.....hands down funniest thing i've heard all week.<BR>Can I borrow that? I have a few professors that need to be delt a snappy one liner at 0 dark early lol

well... mine was a little better...<br />
<br />
i went down to san diego to see him for his 72. we walked around LA and hollywood during the day then went out to dinner at this little italain resturant in little italy. after dinner we went to oceanside and walked down the beach and the pier. it was by far the best valentines day so far!!!<br />
<br />
i hope you guys worked everything out!

Strange though my BF posted on his Facebook and Myspace that it was the best Valentines Day ever and he just txted me the same answer. I thought it was quite comical in a disasterful sorta disasterful even a word? lol

I spent mine fighting with him because he refuses to celebrate it so don't feel bad.