I have severe bronchitits.
I just spent the last 4 hours in a doctors office doing tests and all this poking prodding, etc, etc BS.
Basically, i'm sick. and i'm getting to the border line of pheumonia.


i'm so bloody sick. its ridiculous. I guess basically its been going around in my area...and from a few friends of mind I've heard its been going around all over the states.

ughh..hopefully none of you ladies have gotten it.

Here's to chicken broth and this crazy awesome medicine the doc gave me lol.

jolenemarie jolenemarie
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Geez kali, two weeks!!?? damn. They have me on this crap called tussionex...tastes like satan's p*ss lol.

a slight one....my face feels really really hot though