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Hi Everyone!

Im new to this site. I am recently engaged to a U.S Marine! He left for bootcamp in September of '08, and he was able to come home for 24 days. He was working with his recruiter at that time trying to add some recruits to his list, hoping to make private first class. Unfortunantly that didn't happen for him. He is now off at MCT in California. Its been a rough few weeks, he was just informed that he is going to be pushed back in MCT for a few weeks due to an insident that happened 2 weeks ago. Well he called me crying and saying that he wanted to come home and he wishes he had never joined, and of course I tried to calm him down and everything. Next thing I knew he stopped breathing and all I could hear was the phone being scattered around. Then I had to call the commander in charge, and inform him that I thought my fiance was either having a panic attack or an asthma attack. The ambulance was called..and the whole nine yards. After everything was said and done I was informed that he did suffer from a panic attack, and everything was fine. A few days later he told me that his legs weren't functioning right, and that it was painful to stand because it hurt his knees. Turns out that both tendons in each knee were rubbing up agains his knee caps, and had to be reajusted. So hes been through a week of physical therapy, and seems to be doing ok now. He called me and told me that his platoon was taking a trip up north so they could fire their weapons and stuff, and that he would call me in a week when he gets back. Problem is Its been 2 weeks and I havent heard from him. I dont know if I should be worried or not. Im trying to stay positive though. After his MCT in California he is going to be transported to St. Louis for his MOS. Were planning on getting legally married some time in march, and hopefully we'll be stationed in april. The ceremony isint until June 14th. I am pretty shy and dont know much about the marines. So I am trying to become informed and make new friends!

Thanks for listening, Sorry it was waaaayyy long


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welcome to the group.. im janel. and like the other girls said you will def. learn a ton of stuff on here!! i hope your marines time gets a lot better!!! good luck! and congrats on the engagement!

welcome to the site girlfriend!!<br />
if ya ever need to talk im here justtttt message me=]<br />
hollie<br />

Thanks guys!

welcome girlie!!! your def in the right place =]

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