The Unperfect Life W. My Marine

Hi, my name is Julie and i've been dating my Marine for 4 years and 2 months. We met when i was 16. He didnt join the Marines until April last year and left for basic in sept. He is now in Virginia for MOS.

The reason i am on this website today is i wonder for all you other spouse...

Do you guys go through phases where your Marine wants you to move on or find someone else because they feel as if there holding you back? I've recently came across this problem with my Marine and it's killing me. I honestly cant find it in my heart to ever move on but he keeps pushing me away. His reasoning is because he wants me to be happy but i feel that if a guy is pushing you away for a reason and you dont take it seriously when they need that space then things will just turn out uglier. I just find it hard for myself because we lived together for 2 years before he left & it does get lonely but i feel so left out.... I mean... After 4 years you would think we would be talking about more serious things like getting married and what not but were here talking about me moving on without him. And him feeling as if he cant be here for me whenever i need him. Why do most people's marine stories seem to have a happy endings on here.. What about the rest of us that doesnt have it like that? Has anyone gone through this or something similar?

It would be much appriciated if someone could give me there point of view or there personal stories?

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Your really caught in a catch 22. This was the first man you have ever loved and you were together along time before he joined. In my eyes. What do you want. If your so far apart there has to be something because else it will never work if your not focused on both parts and your both young so your goals have to be in the same direction. He must know you wouldn't cheat if you were together 4yrs. From what your saying he sounds like hes bowing out but not in a honest way maybe because he doesn't want to hurt you. Or then again maybe he wants to sow a few oats before you both settle down. x

maybe HE's the one who is feeling held back and is wondering if you feel the same without being in your face about it.

sounds maybe (to me) that he's kind of seeing how you feel whenever he asks you if he holding you back.. maybe in reality HE's the one feeling stuck and wonders if you feel the same?

We discussed about marriage a lot after boot camp - mct. but since mct hit... he's totatlly changed his view. I think the biggest problems most people have is trust. But that isnt an issue in our relationship. We are going different directions right now in my point of view but it's just sickening trying to convince him that i want to be with him. I dont want to be the dumb b*tch and get cheated on because he's giving me signals and im playing dumb still... <br />
I do try to pour my heart out but he says he doesnt like to complain or hear people complain... So i feel as if when i talk i tend to complain and he gets aggitated. And see's me complaining as a sign of weakness. When we talk on the phone its very short. And when we do attempt to make long conversations he stays quite... the only thing that he laughs and enjoys talking about is what he does everyday... But how much can listen too? <br />
How about when i tell him i miss him... Sometimes he says it back and other times he just says... "You have too much time on your hands" Stuff like that intimidates me and makes me hold back what i wanna say because im afraid he gets mad and it just ruins the rest of our converstaion.... <br />
I know its a decision that i have to make myself but.... what are you suppose to say back when the man you love continuously says, "I know that this is a rough road but thousands has walked in my same footsteps before therefore i feel no difference" What he says is right but it just makes me feel not so special? As if 'our' love isnt enough for him to want me to stay?

In all things considered youv'e been together along time. Four years and you were 16yrs old when you got together. Maybe he see you guys going in different directions because you both are a bit older. Have you asked him what he wants or where he see himself in five years? With you? Marriage? ect X

yeah alot of girls on this site have said this before...<br />
my marine always says he wishes he could be here with me and stuff like that but never that he cant handle it or doesnt wanna be together ya know?<br />
talk to him and tell him how it makes you feel.<br />
be honest.<br />
be open.<br />
your feelings arent something to be confused about.<br />
message me if you need to talk=]<br />
hollie<br />

my Marine has never done that but i know alottt of other girls on here have, if you read other stories on here im sure you'll find some. This is pretty common, just stay strong and hold through. Let him know as long as he still wants to be with you, your not going anywhere.<br />
<br />
im here if you ever need to talk =]