My Recent Dreams

the other night i had a dream that i was pregnant lol. i think i was prob around 4 months or so cause i was starting to show and then in the dream was the first time i felt the baby kick. larissa was actually there with me when it happened. i started freaking out and had her touch my belly to feel the baby lol. when i woke up i had to look at my belly to make sure nothing was really there hahaha.

then more recently, i had a dream about my prom that is coming up. in my dream i had already known that josh wouldnt be able to make it. but then im standing there talking to some of my friends and here he comes walking in dressed in his blues!! he was about to walk right passed me, i guess he didnt realize it was me cause i dont get all dressed up and glammed up too often. but i grabbed his arm and was just like omg i didnt know you were coming!!!

these are two events that im pretty excited for, but i think were gonna try and hold off on the baby idea for a while. in case i didnt tell you ladies already, josh might be here for my prom and then our anniversary is five days after that. :D

hes out playing in the pacific ocean today, which i think is no fair. im stuck with freezing cold weather where im at lol

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6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

ya i have never had the prego dream before...and i hope i never do unless i really am like "bursting-at-the-seams" big!! lol

oh of course youre special larissa!!!! maybe it has something to do with you just having josh and my Marines name is josh.... idk lol. ive had the pregnant dream more times than i can remember

Larissa you are special!!

hahaha thats too funny!! lol....but yea i had a dream that i was in my dorm room walking down the hall towards the desk with a friend of mine and all of a sudden i see this marine in his dress blues and i felt all sad cuz i was thinking of my man when i saw this guy...then as i start walking up to the desk he turns to look at me and it was my marine standing there smiling at me...then i jumped on him screaming and kissing him...then i woke up and @ 3 in the morning i had the sudden urge to take a walk to the desk...LMAOOO...

im def goin to prom and im gettin a dress that will also be suitable for the ball in november. ill just go with my group of girls and make it fun. my besties man is too old to come so its all good. and most of my friends are single as well.... time to hook them up with a good Marine lol

lol i've had that dream before... many times. its crazy how real it feels. but im really happy for you that he may be home for your prom and anniv. that would be amazinggg :] and you'd be so luckyyy!