75% of the Way Through

I talked to Patrick this morning, he is doing well on the MEU. I miss him like crazy. Anyways, three years ago today, Patrick entered MCRD. I can't believe it, in some ways it seems like 10 years ago, in others, just like yesterday. Anyways, in one year we will EAS. Yay, now I just have to convince him not to reenlist! :) 

yellowmermaid yellowmermaid
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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Thanks, I'm getting excited, too. I've been excited since we got married and I realized the Corps didn't care a bit for me and rather he stayed single. Oh well, we're showing them! Plan A is for him to go to school and be a parttime firefighter. Sometimes, I think he's doing a lifetime test on how much stress my mind can take. His plans B-D change all the time...<br />
Congrats on you two, also, you're in the homestretch!