Well Crap..

sooo.. Travis and I had a rather large argument today... Im not sure whos to blame.. A little of both of us im sure.. But the phone call didnt end that well... which always makes me feel horrible because I never know when the next call will be.

Anywayy what happened was...

For the past few weeks he bein actin worried.. yeahh know that im gonna leave him and stuff. And I understand thoughs worries what with everything that goes on with some relationships while men are deployed. Anyywayy. Ive been handeling thoughs conversations fine, sure it bugs me knowing that we have the same conversation once a week, but If I were him, I would be worried also.

Then about a week ago we were joking around on the phone and he was bein "mean" so I told him to just let me talk to his buddy instead. I was messing around 100% btw. I have never even talked with the kid..

So then today when Travis called I could tell he was in one of thoughs "moods" again.. So I prepared my self for another "are you sure you wanna be with me" conversation.. but then he starts going on with how he thinks im into his friend and crazzy **** like that.. And I was soo frusterated with him.. You would think he would be worried about the guys I see everyday but nooo he worried about the guy that freakin over seas with him... I told him that hes losin it over there and some other stuff that should have never left my mouth.. but I was just so frusterated with him. We kinda went back and forth.. Then he started apologising.. tellin me how its just so hard over there never knowing whats going through my head.. But at the point and time I wasnt really over the whole conversation so I told him I loved him but was done talking for the night..

ugg... I know this wasnt the best way to react AND that hes going through alot of **** over there but still I was frusterated about having the same conversation with him over and over again..

mmkk.. that was long. lol


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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

i know exactly what you mean... whenever chris and i fight i absolutely hate it but i tell him how it is, just like you did. sometimes i'm scared too just because he's overseas fighting in a war.... but kali is sooo right... we are their rocks.<br />
i agree with the other girls, good job!!! he definitely needs to hear it. They've got a lot lot lot of thinking time over there... it's a bit ridiculous he thinks your into his buddy.... being deployed really effs with their minds. It's hard and they'll find anything on this planet to freak out about. Mostly they want reassurance. Anyway, you did what I would have done :)

you did good just like nat n kali said. =]

Thanks girlys :)