Boy Oh Boy

So Mike called me today in one of his 'moods'. I was trying to be lovey dovey and calm him down. He was saying things like, "your not going to loose feelings for me" or "you dont think im going to act different when i come home do you?" and the famous... "Your not going to leave me are you?". This seems to be happening alot lately lol.

But Mike was on the verge of crying bc he is worried and then he heard someone laugh. and Oh God...he flipped out. One min hes loveyyy and the next min hes pissed off.

so why everyones Marine getting all worried??? I mean what the shmuck! Mike and I just got married and he is worried i am going to cheat on him or loose feelings. ahhh men.

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

wow he does that and your living with him! ahhh that sounds so much like Mike. guys are dumb. but we love them =]

yeah i know i get the same thing from shane & we just got married & i see him everyday... hes like your going to leave me... just out of no where he says stuff like that... so i always tell him it would be easier to kill him then to leave him... & then he just laughs it off<br />
<br />
idk boys are dumb! lol :)

it's saying 18+ cuz u say pissed lol.. and guys are crazy and it's cuz they are around a bunch of other guys and mayb some other guy's girl cheated on him.. it's just being apparent that worries him ya kno

idk why its saying 18+