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Ok well Kacey finally called me after two weeks which was a relief. Bad news is he got burnt 3 different times on his neck by gun shells, and he sprained his foot. I think my marine is having a difficult time in MCT. With the burns, sprains, tendons unalined, and panic attacks were off to a very rough start. But I am trying to think positive, and I know that this part is almost over. He's going to be sent to his MOS school this coming tuesday. I think things will start to lighten up once he gets over there. With planning the wedding, coming up with the finances, and worrying about Kacey, I seem to be VERY stressed.


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i shot my moms AK-47!! it was soooooo much fun!! and yes the shots are HUGE!! lol...yea i now shoot in Alabama with my dad cuz he is in the boondocks too and cuz he has the BIG guns and you wont get arrested like california...i hate this state! we have so many gun laws its rediculous...cant wait to graduate and move;-) then i can shoot whatever i want wherever(sorta)...lol

hahaha no you wouldnt...lol...it takes very little to shoot..when i first shot my rifle i thought my arm would fall off anf burn on the ground....lol...but i got the hang of it...and its really a lot of fun...as long as you are being safe and making sure things are ok with where you are shooting it can be alot of fun;-)

lol thanks rebecca. I think if I tried to shoot a gun I would blow my arm off or something.

hey there ashley...im rebecca...ouch yea sounds like he is having a rough start of things...but he will pull through...no one said it would be easy...and yes shell burns suck ***...lol...i have burns on my right arm from shooting my M110...now i make sure when i shoot, i hold my arm away from the direction they get thrown...lol...message me anytime...im here if you need me...welcome!!

Hi,<br />
I tried to email you, but everytime I tried to send it, the message says that there might be innapropriate content on it so they wont send it..idk why. Maybe you can send me an email?

oh n hey if u got a yahoo account, im always messaging on it n would love to keep n touch w/ you ...its nice to actually have some type of friend who is going through the same thing n who actually understands lol

thanks you too ..how long have you been engaged to him..n congrats!! hey i juss got engaged too:-)

I know it drives me crazy when I dont hear from him, Its like I dont feel informed enough, but thats the marines for ya! Good luck and I hope things get easier!

omg wow yea i would b stressed too!! mine is in Japan n i get stress when i dnt here from him n a couple of days..hang n there:-(