I Dont Know How Any of Yall Do This

Ethan and i were together for nearly a year and a half, off and on. but before he left to go to boot camp in January we got close again. its like he had changed into this new man.... and i couldn't believe it. so ever since he has left we have been back together. i love him so much and i really know that i can not live with out him. he is the one person that i can truly trust and I'm going insane with out him. i dont know how any of yall do this. he graduates in April. so 2 more months and then he comes home for 10 days. then leaves again for i think 6 months, what should i expect after that

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wow. yah one of my friends told me her bf went to japan. im really not to sure what he wanted to do. but he said he wanted to do SWAT when he gets out. or a cop. something with that. and his requiter was not helpful. the day he went to the air port me and his mother had to ask the requiter when he will be home and everything... so he was not very informed. it just hard expecting the unexpected.

ok. then he said something like they have another training after this that is going to be 6 months... is it the same as boot camp. like they cant use the phone or anything, only write for 6 months?

being stationed has a lot to do with his job like mine can only be at 2 bases... other than that its random & the put them where they need them

well yah im new to this. i dont c how yall deal with him being away from home all the time or barley talking to him. i dont know what to expect after boot camp. we plan on living together after i finish college in 2 years. but how do u know where they will be stationed at. and how does that work out...

excuse me but he wanted to get back with me a month before he left. i didnt want to get back with him because i didnt think he had changed. so dont be rude to me trying to make me feel bad when i didnt do anything wrong.... i didnt even know he was going to go to the marines until he told me and even then i didnt want to get back with him. he wanted to get back with me