Things That **** Me Off Hardcore!!!!!!!!!!

SOME PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS. This just tickles my temper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me give you a little background first on why this temper tickler of a conversation took place.....

I was talking to this girl on AIM last night... Let's just name her Dumb girl for now.....  SO dumb girl was upset and was talking to me about her problems with her boyfriend who treats her like dirt. I love giving advice so I listened... Apparently dumb girl went and picked her boyfriend up from some party and they were halfway home when he literally jumped out of her car and started walking. They weren't fighting or anything, he was just completely shmammered. She drove around for over an hour and couldn't find him I guess so she went home.... He called her when she got home and all he said was "THANKS FOR MAKING ME WALK HOME IN THE COLD love you bye." and then hung up. She was confused because she didnt' make him... he was the one that jumped out of a moving vehicle and started walking. That was Friday night, ALLLLL day saturday she hadn't heard from him and he wouldn't answer his phone.... The following conversation took place Saturday night-- hahah, my side notes are in italics....

Dumb girl: Does Chris ever not answer your calls and it makes you crazyyy?

ME: Actually what drives me crazy is that I CAN'T call him.. He's in Iraq remember.... I have no way of calling him. I email him and only talk to him on the phone when he can find a phone to call me on.

Dumb girl: Wow.........

ME: That's about once or twice a week.... three times if I'm lucky.

----------------Right about now I'm determined that she's sitting there at her house completely drunk all by herself.... This is about where I got pissed----------------- Dumb Girl: But like... That's the thing, you KNOW that he's okay.. and he's good.. and he's doing good.. and blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ----OK IS SHE ******* OUT OF HER MIND???? DID I NOT JUST SAY THAT HE WAS OVERSEAS.....------ ME: uhhm... but i Don't know that!!!!!!! He's in a WAR!!!!!! Dumbdumbdumb Girl: And that would be sooo amazing to me! ----WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!?!?!?!?!?! YUP, completely out of her mind.------ Me: HE COULD HAVE BULLETS FLYING AT HIM RIGHT NOW AND I WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW IT... That would be amazing to you!? Dumbstupidskank girl: yeah you do though ---- No effing clue what she means by 'yeah i do though' maybe I do know he has bullets flying at him??? wtf.------ ME: You have not the slightest idea, I would give anything to have Chris home safe in the USA. Dumbass girl: Well babe, think about it..... ----1.) don't call me babe, 2.) YOU THINK ABOUT IT.---- Dumbidiot girl: He doesn't know if he has bullets flying at him... no matter what you're ok and I promise you that HE DOESN'T. --- OK little B-Word.... What in the world is she talking about? How in the hell would he not know if he had bullets flying at him? How can she sit there and say these stupid things little drunky, she has no effing idea what she's talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it when people tell me I'M OK. I know I'm ok duh..... I couldn't tell you if he was ok or not though, i know for a fact he's been shot at... not hit, thank the good Lord.--- ME: he's tough and knows what hes doing but it really is dangerous over there... his friend got sniped before he left and some more of his friends blew up in a humvee from a roadside bomb while they were deployed. its scary ****. i am soo happy that soon he'll be home safe where i wont have to worry about him getting hurt. Did you know he had a write a will before he left??????? that tore me apart. HE'S NINTEEN, not even legal to drink yet he can die for his country. lkjadfkljajdkfakldjakfjadkf hes so brave, I'm incredibly proud of him. ---why am i so nice? she's lucky i didn't completely freak out on her stupidness--- Dumbgirl: baby... It's ok... I promise. ---don't call me baby, and you have no idea so shut your stupid mouth. I do not want your dumb sympathy Miss.Thinks She Knows It All.---- Nice ME: I know it's ok... I hate thinking about it. I can't sleep at night sometimes because I have NO CLUE where he is!!! Like tonight, he's not on AIM. That means he's out in the city partolling or on a dangerous mission... I hate hate hate this. So really, before you start running your mouth about how amazing it would be to have your boyfriend over there.. BE HAPPY HE'S IN THE UNITED STATES. Even though you don't know where he's at at the moment, you know he's safe!

I don't really like flipping out on people so I kept my cool as best as I could... but after that I just rudely signed off and didn't give her time to respond. I couldn't take the stupidity anymore. Seriously people are soo dumb! I was about to flip hardcore. How can she sit there and tell me she'd rather have her boyfriend overseas just so she didn't have to worry about him? HONESTLY THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. I used to think she was awesome before that conversation struck... Drunk or not, she's a bit rediculous. I swear, If she would have said that to my face I would have slapped her. AALKJDFAKLDFJAKL, hahah... Goodness Gracious. That girl needs to open up her eyes to the real world. Sorry she can't trust her boyfriend so she'd resort to rather having him in Iraq. DUMBDUMBDUMB.... Can I get and AMEN!? LOL.

Love you all :)

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oh yeah! Amanda, give it a few weeks... You'll be getting more phone calls than you are now once things get completely settled and stuff! I swear :) ahh actually since chris' deployment is almost up it seems like I hardly hear from him anymore because he's been soo busy getting ready to leave!

I know I was soo baffled lol. hmm, no palm29grl.. she's not really my friend at all. She lives around here and I always see her that's how I know her. We've never actually hung out. hahahhah tiaaa, yep... reminded me of stef too actually!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
blahh, screw her dumb soul.

wow... that is sooo retarded. I give you props though, you defff kept your cool, i would have freak the hell out drunk or not.

civie girlfriends just really dont get it at ALLLL!! but wow, i think i would have flipped complete ****. you were extremely nice compared to what i would have said.

I HATE CIVILAN GIRLFRIENDS!!! weakest sons of ******* i knowwwww!!!!!

oh. my. gosh. i don't even know what to say to that. I WOULD FLIP! reminds me of someone... ahem stefani? but you know that you are one of the strongest people i have ever met in my entire life and i cherish our friendship and i know that our boys will come home to us all safe and sound. i love you! not dumb girl.

oh my gosh what i dumbo!!! paige i cant believe she was ACTUALLY saying that! thats something my friend vaness would sya for sure... shes kinda clueless sometimes and doesnt even understand other peoples feelings/problems other than her own!!! but oh my i cant even believe that convo even took place!! haha

AMEN<br />
<br />
yea my moto for stupid people is that "some people are only alive because it is illegal for me to shoot them";-)<br />
<br />
im sorry that BeEzEy wasnt shutting her face up...and that she blabbed bout stupid **** to you that you didnt need to hear...<br />
<br />
he will be on AIM soon and will be tellin you how much he misses you and loves you in no time;-) have faith! stay strong! and remember we are here for ya girl!!<br />
<br />
much loves!

ahh i know right!!!! i was soo heated.

haha wooh, i just scored my first 18+ story hahah.