Almost Thereeee, But Still Scared!

 you learn something new every day! i guss i'll just a make a joke out of it because i feel pretty stupid for my mistake! okay.. lets try this again, shall we? so yeah.... only a little bit left in this deployment, but i'm cofused on what i should do. he did break up with me a little while ago while he was i iraq for reasons i still don't know, but we still remained best of friends and he would still call and i'd send him packages, but it still hurt to know that he didn't feel the same way that i felt for him. it hurt for me to say that i loved him and not to hear it back from him. and he got my most recent package with a wicked long letter in it about how i felt about him and a whole buch of stuff and apparently it worked because a week ago he told me that he missed me and he doesn't know why he ever told me he didn't love me becuase he still does. it was absolutly everything i wanted to hear. seriously right out of a movie. but i'm scared it's too good to be true. i'm scared he's going to just hurt me again. there is nothing else i want than to be with him. i just hope this isn't a phase where he wants to be with me and then a month down the road decide he doesn't anymore. it hurt too much the first time. sorry, i just had to vent!

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TIAAAA I LOVE YOU LAJFDKLADJKAKJ I'm going to shower and then call you wooh! :)<br />
<br />
I want to know if you've talked to him lately... and i just miss your guts.

thanks! corey kindly didn't give me that little detail. oh well! i know now! and no.... i didn't think you guys were being mean! thank god you said something!