Big Upps to Our Newest Member, Sccrgf28!!

for posting a perfectly normal, healthy boot camp story and introduction ... she told us about herself, her recruit, her relationship ... expressed her feelings, her fears, hopes etc ... and did it all without ever saying once "this is the hardest thing ive ever had to do in my life" or "im lost with out him, were used to spending every second together, how will i survive these 3 months with out him!!"

**in case youre wondering whats up with this Kariane, if you look at some of the recent stories, the lastest boot camp stories have been driving some of us ladies mad, i was afraid when i read your story i might throw up, but it was refresingly not nausiating lol .. thank you**

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I think you guys should publish a list of who's whiney and who's not.... It'd be amusing to see.... though probably pretty mean. If you want make me number 1 so nobody gets offended lol!<br />
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Sorry, I've been in a weird mood lately and something like that would make me roll off my chair laughing!

omg thank god! finally!!!

Well I am puting up a new post just kind of about what I learned so far tonight and how thankful I am! It is kind of a story of Michael and I prior to the Marines!

This group is too good to be true! Struggles deffinately make people stronger. There is always a reason behind it! I have found usually it is to help others with what you learned through that experience.

You guys really make me laugh! I really am here for support and advice! I dont see the point in being whiney about this situation. I believe that only the strongest women have their match made with a Marine! I know I am strong enough for this but everyone needs some support =]<br />
Honestly the hardest thing in my life isnt was losing my father to a heart disease! Nothing will ever be harder than that! Keep the advice coming guys and if I ever sound whiney PLEASE yell at me =]<br />
I'm glad to be a normal girlfriend who just wants to love her Marine and be his rock and support him no matter what!!!

i understand, i say just let them post whatever they sure they will realize how its not the worst thing in the world...i know deployment would be 100x worse...

What exactly is a "normal" girlfriend? no offense but im sure u guys were at some point like that too im not trying to start a fight or anything just some point or another you have been or are in that situation now...i mean i think its fine...but thats just me

yyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!<br />
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yea, that about sums up how i feel right now lol

Yay for normal and healthy! haha

I am so glad to be a part of this group! Anyone with comments or advice I would love it!<br />
I'm glad to be a 'normal girlfriend' =]

LMAO!!! WOW, there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Thank you! I have gone through harder times and although this is very difficult for me its easier being able to communicate with those who are having the same or similiar difficulties right now!