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I know I am not apart of this group but I do make comments. But I wanted to get an idea out so all of you would look and have a chat about it. Why doesn't someone start a group for the Newbies. The ones that boyfriends have just joined up or just started dating. That are in basic. That way they've got there own group where if they want to express themselves in ways of always being sad they can all be sad together and also everyone in your group could take a turn being a house mom for these girls and that way they are not upsetting everyone all the time. I know its easy to forget how we once may have felt. but maybe this would be a better solution then everyone getting irritated at each other and fighting for no reason. That also gives us a place to usher the new girls without being rude or hurting anyone feelings. It could be a happy middle ground. What do you think? x

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6 Responses Feb 23, 2009

True, I have an over load of people I would chat to and now there gone. x

Is it a good idea but remember when we just started this group and there was still the other Marine girlfriend group. A lot of the newer members were posting there but EP smooched the two groups together.

Lmao, I love your guys group because everyones so honest and at the end of the day there might be a tiff and a bitchy spout or so. But everyone gets over it and moves on.x

Well then start a Tag chaser group and steer the girls that you think are Tag Chasers towards it.lol I do get what your saying. I mean I have a Husband and three kids and a fourth on the way and my husband has been home 4 months out of the last two years and you don't see me moaning and crying all the time.lol.x

What about changing the name a bit or something.x

You wouldn't say they can't comment or come back later. you could just say why not check out the group set up for there men in basic.x