A Little Something From Tonight!

I just wanted to kind of put my own post out there about these 'whiney girls' I have been hearing so much about tonight!  I know I am knew but I really believe that this group is for support and advice.  I know that is what I am here for!  I am so glad to meet everyone I have so far!  Everyone is wonderful.

I was talking to one of you about how I was whiney about it when he first talked about going.  I really didnt want him to.  I thought it was going to be the hardest thing but then I realized that not only have I gone through tougher but other people go through much worse!  Well he has been my best friend forever and he knows me better than I know myself.  I really believe the quote the distance makes the heart grow fonder.  Since he isnt with me all the time I really have gotten to think about our relationship more and why exactly I love him.  It is such a great learning experience for me and I know he's learning a lot!  But after we really talked about it I realized that I just was unsure and so I did some research about it and asked him all I could!  I learned a lot and realized that he doesnt need someone crying over him while he is gone.  Sure he wants to know he is missed and loved.  But anyway after we really talked about it and I realized that this was going to be so good for him I knew I could do nothing but support him!  He has been the biggest support system in my life since my dad died when I was really young.  He has never doubted my decisions and I've never known a reason to doubt his!  I am the kind of person who plans ahead so I am just trying to figure out what to expect when he comes home and what exactly he is going through in training right now.

I really like to meet new people too!  Hearing all of your experiences is amazing!

I hope I continue to be a 'keeper' as you all have put it!  Keep the stories and advice coming!  Love you guys already!!!

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heyy girlyy.<br />
<br />
Glad to have another person my age around here :) <br />
My boyfriend is currently in iraq in inf. so we have a little in common. So add me and we can chat :)

aww! you do sound like a keeper! haha! you sound like you've got your head straight! I'm Ruth by the way!

aww! you do sound like a keeper! haha! you sound like you've got your head straight! I'm Ruth by the way!

Aww, you are too sweet. not to brag or anything but you remind me of myself. <br />
:) hehe! I'm Paige by the way!!!!

Hey thanks for the add! :)<br />
I'm Shannon.<br />
<br />
I found boot camp taught my relationship alot and improved it! And I'm glad that you know that you are one of his biggest support systems and as much as he needs to know he loves and misses you, it breaks his heart that he left you.<br />
So stay strong girl and don't let any silly high school girls talk you down!<br />
<br />
I'm a senior in high school, I saw somewhere you were a junior?<br />
<br />
If you ever wanna chat just message me or add me on facebook if you have one!

aw schucks, you truely are a keeper ;)<br />
(sorry. i'm on medication from being sick....i'm not normally this weird...well...yes I am..lol)<br />
<br />
Definetly add me too! I'm Jolene by the way :)

hey hun...im Rebecca..peeps call me Becca:-)

hey im jessie! im glad you are acting normal! def add me because i cant add you! message me anytime! :)