I Dunno What to Title This...im Just Sad.

Wills been acting strange he calls me and normally we talk alot but lately its crickets...so we stopped talking for the week then he calls yesterday and again silence I ask him whats wrong he says nothing I told him something is obviously wrong because he isnt talking to me...he usually wont shut up. Says he has alot on his mind so I was gonna let him go for the night as to not be a bug he finally tells me that talking to me is the only stress relief he gets and then he tells me he has to go in for surgery...phone loses the call I tried to call him back and I didnt hear back from him till today...now he's acting like nothing is wrong and Im worried about this surgery I know nothing about. But when I try to talk to him he is either busy or distracted by his damn computer or PS3. I dont know what to do.

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I gotta say, in this situation, take a cue from Kali's profile pic<br />
<br />
"Reach down and grab a pair *****"<br />
<br />
Tell him hey, turn that **** off and ******* talk to me for ******* minute. then you can go back to blowing up zombies, or racing cars...or whatever it is he's playing....

I dunno he wont say...maybe he just doesnt want to worry me.