Time For the Callout!!! **UPDATED**

MOSKEETOOOO!!!!! this is the message i just got from her:     moskeeto says: February 24th, 2009 at 12:25 PM

 o n im sure ur life is sooooo hard..*****



this is what shes talking about, here is her pathetic story:



my response to moskeetoooo :

sweetheart, i could easily get into a "whos life is harder" contest with you but thats just pointless, i could go on about living on my own at 18, finding my father dead after he took his own life, packing up and driving myself cross counrty in a uhaul, towing my car to start a new chapter in life where i knew only one person, rasing a child completely on my own, the list really goes on and on ... but my life is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier that many many other people in this world ... you really need to take a look at what we have said in our recent stories directed towards boot camp girls, dont cry about it, take a read, think about what is said, and learn from it ... were really only trying to help you ... the fact of the matter is if this is perhaps this IS the hardest thing you have ever had to do in life, if that is true count your blessings sweetheart ... but you cant go into this with such a distraught attitude so soon ... this is not the end of the world, your man is going off becoming a better person, why dont you take this time to do the same? dont focus on the negative, focus on how great what hes doing is, and the benefits .... take a lesson from the girls around here whos men ARE AT WAR!! that more than likely will be you one day, but only if you toughen up will you make it that far ... and sweetheart THAT will be the hardest thing you have ever had to do in life, this is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in your journey as a marine girlfriend ... IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT YOU NEED TO REACH DOWN AND GRAB THOSE OVARIES, AND TOUGHEN UP .. because boot camp is giong to get easier, but your life as a marines siginificant other is only going to get harder, i can assure you of that ...

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Wow that is so messed up! Atleast they are ok. What kind of parents do that!? honestly!

Yea my mind likes to make me freak all the time! I only watch it with his dad now so that he can explain stuff to me! haha my marine is just like his dad and I need a lot of explaining in that show! When he gets deployed I probably wont watch it! But for now its all good =]

OH it was good but man when your dude is deployed it will totally make you worry, well that is just me thou I couldnt take a least I am still alive email after about 5 days of not hearing anything. You know how your mind loves to mess with you when you care so much for someone. I would have been in the worry wart ward for sure if i had.LOL

Now I know ya'll arent saying anything bad about the reserves ;) (my guy is a reservist normally but was called to active duty for tour #2) but I have never bitched about my life. I totally take our regular life routine when he is home doing reserve duty for granted because I know what its like being at the other end of it with him deployed.<BR><BR>But yeah. I totally agree. She's a drama queen. (hm...reminds me of a few others lurking around here.....)

Generation Kill is such a good show! I watched that all the time with my Marine before he left. It is a sad show and not one to watch if you think it will make you worry more. It is deffinately intense but still very good!

No kidding. After watching generation kill this weekend i was like man i am glad i watched it now when i wasnt dating a marine anymore. Of course that movie had to take place in Iraq and it is all about marines. If you havent seen it I would suggest you dont. It will make you worry even more. That is why i pray for all of you that have their men in Iraq or Afgan I totally know what the heck you are going through. It is a touch one to say the least. When I was in AZ visiting the gunny he has all types of awards, medals and plaques and believe me I didnt want to know all details behind that one. I just read it and didnt ask. What was awarded and stated was good enough for me.

Yeah I made the mistake about asking Bob what it was like his first time. Actually I take that back, I don't think it was a mistake. But I know he got shot at a few times, he lit up the side of a building with whatever the big AK something or another is on top of a convoy truck ( he wasn't actually even supposed to be up there but the guy up there needed to come down for something so they threw him up there - dumb@ss had his earphones in til he noticed he was getting shot at!) Then he was in and behind trucks that got hit a IED's. <br />
<br />
it's some scary ****.... Another buddy of mine wont talk about his time in Iraq at all with anyone but my brother, they've been best buds since diapers. He's hardest thing was having to stand with his gun at a boy's head who couldn't of been more than like ten for almost an hour while others searched surrounding areas

Man i cant find the story any more but it was his story about when he got orders to cali and how people messed with him and what he encountered when he got to his base on time. OH and one big traveling mess on top of that one.

post the story! =]<br />
atleast I want to read it!<br />
I'm new and already sick of reading the sob stories!<br />
I like your response =]

Nice one! When i read anything that starts with Boot Camp I pretty much stop. Wait untill they are told their Marine was shot at and all that fun stuff. I wonder if i should post a story that my a** ex wrote and then they will know what to expect and or understand what there man will be dealing with. Thoughts on that one ladies?

OMG kali! she wrote another story in the boot cmp group... this is part of it!<br />
<br />
"i know this sounds dumb but it has probably been the saddest day of my life my boyfriend is going to the marines reserves"<br />
<br />
OMG he is going into the freakin reserves! & she is whinning!!!!!

nicely put kali!

lol i didnt even read her story the first time... i read my bf is heading to boot & i stopped lololol